Covering topics that include how to get into the trades for women along with how to run your own successful construction business.  Also included is how to transition from the jobsite to managment….you won’t be disappointed in these incredible women.  Click the button above to watch the large variety of ways women are thriving in the trades.  We want YOU to join us!

"really gets the creative juices going!"

Camille – When I listen to your show, I think of you as the female version – of the “Joe Rogan experience” .  Please see this as a massive positive! I think you a very intellectual and knowledgable on a wide range of topics. Love listening and feel I get value each time I tune in !! 

"Please don't stop making episodes!"

As female in a male dominated industry, this podcast really resonates with me. Hearing Camille’s story was incredibly motivating and I’ve been able to take inspiration and learnings from all the guest speakers she’s had on the show. I highly recommend this podcast!

"Wow, I need more!"

Camille you are amazing! I have connected so much with your latest episode (5). Every episode has been so eye opening for me as a female entrepreneur! I look forward to every episode in the future!

"Building Cabinets and Women!"

Gifts truly are transferrable and she has a gift for helping others seeing what they need to build themselves up!

"YES! A female remodeling show!"

This is exactly what the podcast world needed. Camille has a great way of explaining without mansplaining. I just started redoing my space and this show has been the perfect companion.

"Love this gal!"

I have known Camille for a very long time.  She makes me laugh and she has a great personality. She has always had a light-hearted and wonderful attitude about working in a male dominated industry.  I am so glad to see the trade world getting positive feedback as an essential need and I am so excited that Camille is promoting women in the trade.  She has helped many women learn how to pick up a tool and bypass the honey do list and take on the challenges themselves 🙌🏼

"When a Quiet Norwegian Talks....LISTEN..."

Camille’s story and mission is so fantastic.  Her journey is such a great listen – an accomplished college student who pursues her dream to be an entrepreneur in the construction trades.  Camille and her podcast is the perfect mentor for any woman looking to pursue house remodeling as personal project or a profession.  She has a passion for showing women what is possible in the trades.  If you have a power tool enthusiast in your life, this is the podcast for them.