Thank you so much for joining me on my very first podcast show! I’ve always loved the intimacy of audio and have wanted to connect to a much larger audience for many years.  I’m hoping this venue will enable me to connect with you and help share all the many experiences I’ve had doing construction and building businesses throughout the years.  

On a personal note, I’m hoping to meet other women in the trades and around the country who share a love of being creative or just going against the grain.  It can be lonely to be the only woman on a job site or running a business.  Often your friends or family will not truly understand what you are dealing with every day….so I’m hoping to connect, inspire and learn right along with you.

And hopefully, show you stories of other women around the country and world working in the trades and with their hands.   I hope to get a lot more women into this fabulous line of work and prove to you that you can do it.  Long term I hope to change the industry and make it much easier for women to be successful in this industry.  So this first episode is my story and why I decided to start this podcast.

More info and show notes: https://remodelyourlifepodcast.com/5

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