Impetus for Growth
Apparent safety and stability present the opportunity for positive growth and change when confronted with a personal and economic downturn. We learn about Lisa’s personal journey to turn things around.

A Unique Money Coach
Opportunities for financial wealth and growth are achievable, listen as Lisa describes how she helps women move beyond the superficial level and find profound connections for more long-term wealth and stability in business and life. Realizing passions and overcoming limiting beliefs, hear Lisa explain how her method sets her apart from other life coaches.

Tips for Success
Join as Lisa describes some of the most important steps to take in order to be financially successful at both a personal and professional level. She explains one of the most important ideas from her book, simply “Stop spending your money on stupid shit”.

Pay close attention as Lisa emphasizes focusing on the most important aspects of your business. Her advice includes outsourcing and finding the right talent to help you close gaps in knowledge or labor. Finally, long-term gains outweigh the need for short-term benefits. Listen as Lisa describes the freeing effects that result from her present sacrifices.

More info and show notes: https://remodelyourlifepodcast.com/11

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