Born with a Hammer in Her Hand
My guest today grew up on a farm swinging a hammer and became very comfortable with tools. She took to carpentry and has worked for Habitat for Humanity and Oregon Tradeswomen. She has made it her mission to teach young girls how to get in the trades and started a construction summer camp called Girls Build which I personally think is amazing!

Katie is passionate about girls exploring the world of building. From hammering to taking stuff apart, she wants girls to learn to be fearless. With 10 years of teaching building summer camps under her belt, this carpenter hopes every little girl gets to fall in love with swinging a hammer, just like she did.

Katie originally started the camp while working with Oregon Tradeswomen, but when they canceled the program after her departure, she picked up where she left off and re-launched it as her own.

More info and show notes: https://remodelyourlifepodcast.com/14

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