My guest Donny Carter is a fellow woodworker and podcaster! And with great delight we welcome him.

In this episode, Donny chronicles his career path up until the present. From growing in a household that encouraged hands-on building, to his first job at construction sites pulling nails from two-by-fours, all the way to his mechanical jobs and the airport runway painting gig that eventually left him out of commission for three years because of an injury. All of these details are highlighted in this very entertaining episode and more.

And last but not least, Donny’s about to celebrate his 100th episode for the Green Woodworker Podcast, which will include a massive giveaway! For more details on all of this, listen along!

Donny’s Podcast, the Maker’s Minded Podcast: https://thegreenwoodworkerpodcast.com/

More info and show notes: https://remodelyourlifepodcast.com/16