My guest Stephanie Gonzalez works in real estate and has helped over 500 people find and buy homes over the last 16 years. She makes a tremendous impact in her local Texas community! And in this episode, Stephanie provides a bit of background on her career, her motivations, why she loves what she does, and tips on homeownership for young people.

Highly valuable information and resources are within this episode; you won’t want to miss it!

Budget Cleanup, Credit Repair, and Program
Stephanie very actively works with clients on keeping their financial goals in focus and evaluating budgets. Sometimes all it takes is that constant attention and awareness of expenditures to put into perspective the amount of money that is being wasted and which could be diverted into the homeownership process instead.

In addition, Stephanie wants to remind you of all of the credit repair scams out there, and also the fact that your credit score probably isn’t as bad as you think it is! And to cap it off as well, Stephanie has a virtual program that will walk you through her six steps for owning a house that goes over the quantitative details about different loans and credit scores and such, and it will also consist of a monthly Zoom call to go over the finer details.

Key Links for Stephanie:
Phone – 214-454-4646
Email – stephanie@beforetheagent.com

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