Mary Jo is an online implementer and web designer for businesses: this means her role can vary from creating websites to ‘lead magnets’ to everything in between. And because some of these topics might not be the most familiar to listeners, Mary Jo will demystify them within the episode and help us understand why a website is crucial to running your business.

She warns you that using social media platforms do take a lot of time though. You must practice due diligence. But don’t by any means think that Facebook marketing has to be this big expensive thing. You can start really small, say $5 day and stop at any time.

And for some information on what Mary Jo thinks makes a great web designer, listen to the end of the episode where she lays out the strong characteristics of an ideal web designer, as well as the difference between what separates it from web development.

Website – https://www.maryjostaebler.com/

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