Shandra Ward and Rhonikka Clifton are some amazing women that have this incredible new event coming up for black interior designers in Houston, Texas. I just love the concept of two girlfriends, two women coming together to push their industry forward and bring more people into their field.

During this episode, you’ll hear all about the Texas Black Interior Design Symposium (TXBIDS)which is happening September 20th and 21st 2019 in Houston, Texas. It is sounding like a very high-value event for designers from all levels of design; residential, commercial, hospitality along with students and industry professionals that are connected to the interior design industry. It’s going to be a lot of connecting, a lot of networking, a lot of sharing of information, but all in all, is going to be a good time.

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More info and show notes: https://remodelyourlifepodcast.com/21