To celebrate International Women’s Month we decided to bring you a sweet and savory surprise for this next series.  

So we’re continuing our series with the incredible Alanna Hanson!  Listen to learn how she and her family built a successful “grape” vodka distillery and how she turned her love of film making into DIY marketing for her family business in the Sonoma Valley.

You will be learn about their 4+ year struggle to build a tasting room and how they are combining their love of all things local and farm raised into their future vodka pairings.  Partnering with local farms like @cowgirlcreamery, @hogislandoysterco, @rusticbakery, @tomalesfarmsteadcreamery to create amazing classes and food pairings around vodka cocktails.  

If you want to learn how vodka is actually made? and what terms like “mouth feel” and “copper reflux” is, you will know why I love this vodka!

Her love for her brothers and family business shines through and provides a great example of a modern family business that is both creative, inspiring and delicious!

Alanna is in the “wine countrywomen” book on sale now and includes some wonderful food pairings and appetizers for parties.  So grab a glass of vino and enjoy the ride!  




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More info and show notes: https://remodelyourlifepodcast.com/34