To celebrate International Women’s Month we decided to bring you a sweet and savory surprise for this next series.  

In light of the difficult times we are all experiencing around the country, it’s even more important to stay steady and safe and not let fear overwhelm us.  So let me introduce you to the lovely Amy Chenoweth.  Her beautiful spirit for her family and farm is a testament to what is at stake in the gorgeous Sonoma valley in California.   Listen to Part #1 of her story to learn how she and her husband first met and how she transitioned her dream of being a teacher into building a very successful grape farm supplying a large amount of the best grapes in the wine region of Sonoma, California and her eventual goal of being a winemaker herself. @chenowethwines

Let’s continue to support these ladies who have worked so hard to build their farms, winemaking businesses and their families.  I hope it adds a bit of joy and happiness in your day as you take care of your own families!

Amy is in the “wine countrywomen” book on sale now and includes some wonderful food pairings and appetizers for parties.  So grab a glass of vino and enjoy the ride!  



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