Join me today as we loop back to the fabulous Mary Mary, a woodcarver I interviewed in Episode 7.  She has continued to teach and share her love of wood carving and now has a LIVESTREAM!

Offered M-F on twitch tv, you can watch her skills in action everyday at 1 pm EST.  Listen in to how she created this new way to connect to her students and share other MASTER carvers from around the world.  We also talk about her successful FREE membership site of 7,000 fellow carvers and her paid membership that has over 400 videos to teach the beginner to the advanced.


Youtube: join over 30,000 people as she teaches you step by step how to carve.


chipping away: buy your first tool set! https://www.chippingaway.com/shop/hand-woodcarving-tools-accessories/mary-may-carving-tool-sets/mary-may-beginner-woodcarver-set/