Join me today as we talk to the incredible Sarah Watlington who manages the furniture projects at the Offerman Wood Shop.  And If you didn’t know, the hilarious and talented Nick Offerman from Parks and Rec (and hundreds of other amazing movies…) is an AVID woodworker for many, many years.  And legit as sh**  His passion for woodcraft and support of women in the trades is wonderful.  And we have one of those amazing women with us today.   Her skill and kindness is wonderful to see.  Join in as she shares her journey to the Offerman Wood Shop and her love of woodcraft.  And stay til the end to find out why the “Owl” is her spirit animal!

Resources mentioned in the show:

  • Sarah Watlington @sarah_watlington
  • Krenov School of Woodworking Fort Bragg @thekrenovschool
  • Laura Mays woodworker @laurabmays
  • Offerman WoodShop @offermanwoodshop
  • Impractical Cabinetmaker
  • Festool Domino
  • Christopher Schwartz: Anarchists Toolchest
  • And for fun, my favorite episode where Nick makes his own canoe (for real, he did in his shop) 🙂