Finally! Finally! a book that represents what working in the trades and non-traditional careers REALLY looks like!  Listen to the amazing Chris Crisman (Award winning photographer) about his new book that beautifully blends memoir and imagery of women that are pushing the boundaries forward for work.  

From an oyster farmer to a blacksmith, from a jet pilot to a butcher, from a woodworker to the first woman engineer at Ford Motor Company.  You will not be disappointed!   

His ability to capture the joy and pride in their work is spot on and the stories and memoir of their journeys REALLY capture the struggle and triumph of us all.  So if you want to see yourself in his pictures, buy this book!  If you want to read about 55 women who have stood up and spoken out in their careers and communities, and have moved mountains…this will inspire you deeply.

Women’s Work: Stories from pioneering women shaping our workforce,  Hardcover, full color-$35 on amazon