Listen to this HEARTFELT interview with the amazing Elly Hart!  Her real and raw glimpse into the world of being a carpenters apprentice will open your eyes to the trades!  She transitioned from being a successful journalist to becoming a “red seal” carpenter in Canada.  And her belief in “why not me?” has led her to continue to push forward with opportunities and not let her fears stop her journey.

Many of you have followed her “Elly the apprentice” IG account for years and have been a fan so now we have her here on the show to talk about her future plans!  And she is now teaching a class on blueprint reading…from MT. Copeland, an online school to upgrade your skills.   These classes are affordable, fast AND comprehensive!  

With 8 classes available now including construction math, cabinet building, blueprint reading and more.

You will not want to miss out so sign up now and learn from this passionate woman who cares so deeply for her craft.