Today I’m celebrating just how far women have come and continue to pioneer and push their creativity, strength and power out into the world to make it a better place!

So I’m celebrating by starting off with a great song by Joss Stone called “Free Me” to rock to and set the mood and then my shout outs to just a few of the amazing women who have tirelessly worked to celebrate women in the trades for years!  And then some of my favorite movies to watch and learn more about just how far we have come…heres’s to you ladies!!









Things to watch on HULU that will make you proud and appreciative of the struggle of women:  

#1 Mrs. America

#2 Handmaids Tale

#3 US vs Billie Holiday

Books to buy or gift for a woman in your life!

Cris Chrisman: Women’s Work (available amazon etc…)

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