Join me as I interview a grandma of 3 who still works full time as a general contractor!  She’s killing it in the trades and has so much to teach us about overcoming obstacles and knowing YOUR worth.  

From eating disorders and low self esteem to an abusive husband and poverty, she has continued to push forward.  Now 30 years later, she loves what she does everyday and wants to share how she built a multi 6-figure business!  

This is the first in a series of 6 episodes with her, going deep into all aspects of her life and business.  You won’t want to miss her honesty and transparency as she talks money, work, kids and the trades!

Dawn will be one of our keystone speakers and teachers at our upcoming 2nd Annual Virtual Summit, called BUILD YOUR CRAFT. To sign up FREE,  email to register  Camille_L@sbcglobal.net