On this episode I get to talk in depth with Emma Fowler who is in an amazing program, training to be a high-end residential carpenter. And, she is also a highly skilled ceramics artist on the side.

Emma details her Apprenticeship for us, and it’s not just the giant list of carpentry skills, like building walls, that she’s learning. She is also being trained as a Superintendent on the job site and also taking construction management classes in the evening at a community college.

This combines a whole host of physical carpentry skills with construction business acumen, leading her from Apprentice to Carpenter and eventually to Superintendent.

She became interested in the trades after years of working in ceramics. She started throwing pots when she was 11 and eventually ran her own ceramics business. While a potter, she held numerous fascinating jobs, like live bee removal and inventory management at hardware stores.

She tried to get on the Electrician’s Union Apprenticeship program but was never called, before stumbling onto an electrician’s gig chatting with someone at a party after she had basically given up.

Her love for the trades was stoked even more by this job and she looked around until she happened upon her current Apprenticeship…on Craigslist.

Listen to this kick-ass episode! I really loved chatting with Emma and for more info and show notes:


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