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Oct 24 & 25, 2020

Watch and learn workshops from women around the world who are breaking barriers and thriving in the trades.

All classes are free!

workshops that range from how to get into the trades and thrive, to how to build a more profitable business working with your hands.

Build. Sell. Thrive.

Learn How To…

free workshops

Learn How To…

… sell 100K in online classes

… automate your woodworking Business

… use YouTube to promote your business/ get clients

… how to get internships and training

… break into the trades

… move up in your career/ break into management

… make a profitable website

… thrive in the construction industry

… ask for a raise

… be confident on the job site

… close a client sale 90% of the time

… not be a starving artist/ woodworker/ maker

… break into the Union

… be successful in the Union

… rock your design business

… stay on top of trending designs

… create a radius arch- live

… carve a mortise and tenon- live

… keep a positive mindset when things get tough

… set up an efficient woodshop

This is just a sample!

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