Build Your Craft & Career Summit 2022

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A must watch if you are trying to attract the “Right” customers to your business!  Pamela Durkin is a 20+ Interior Designer and marketing coach to trade businesses.  

You can reach her here:


Monique Allen-7 Figure Landscape Designer

25 years in the field building a successful business, there is so much to learn from Monique.  From her unique hiring practice to marketing and finding the right customers, this is priceless information!

You can find her here:


Natalie Tuccio-Senior Account Rep RE

If you want a glimpse into a creative and fast paced career in construction then this is the woman to watch.  Natalie used to be a television producer and transitioned to large projects.  She works for Reconstruction Experts and so fun and positive.  Lots to learn here as a working mom that sets her own schedule


If you want a super creative career working for yourself look no further than Susan.  She started very young as a realtor and then started her own custom renovation company, eventually incorporating her husband Paul into the mix.  Now they do all kinds of creative home remodeling and created a tv show called “Renovation Rekindle”, you can watch in on their app.

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