Build Your Craft & Career Summit 2022


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coralee beatty-business coach for construction companies

if you are struggling to start or maintain a thriving biz in the trades…coralee is the woman to watch.  

in the training she walks you though the “right” way to setup your company so you can track profits correctly.

You can reach her here:


tami york-Lead Lawyer for Reconstruction Experts

Another interesting career in the construction industry that not everyone thinks of…Tami discusses why she loves working for RE and how fulfilling her job is.  

She also runs the HR department and loves helping women create thriving careers by not getting stuck when issues arise.


ebony looney-Website designer for women in the construction trades

If you want to share your skill with new clients but have struggled to tell your story…you must watch Ebony as she shares how she has specialized in helping women in the construction field build websites that do just that.

She’s your best asset to get your work out in front of the right customers!


dawn mates-General Contractor + re developer

After 30 years as a custom home builder, Dawn is now transitioning to building her RE fortune.

She’s remodeling homes and create passive income, watch as she walks you through one of recent projects.

She’s been a mentor to many women in the trades and loves sharing her knowledge.

jenna banks-How to combat “imposter Syndrome” on the jobsite!

If you want a to get an injection of confidence and self esteem…look no further than Jenna Banks.  

A woman who has pulled herself up from humble beginnings and now helps women learn to care for themselves and get what THEY want out of life.  

Get her bestselling book “I Love Me More” at all bookstores, it’s fantastic!

Follow along with her here:


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